Hello, I’m Janice Skakel

I’d love to help you live your most connected and vibrant life!

Wherever you are, and whatever the stage of your personal journey, moving mindfully will make you feel good. Working with your internal energy, with your body and breath, you can become more balanced, more relaxed, and better able to deal calmly with the demands of this modern world.


You can learn to transform tension or stress into positive energy and to live a more connected and vibrant life.


This has been my experience - through Go With Your Flow Qigong sessions it can also be yours!

Go With Your Flow, located in Edinburgh, will come to your social space, residential complex, facility, or workplace. You will be guided as a group through a set of easy-to-follow movements, which may be done standing or seated.


Combined with deep, even, breathing and mental focus, this practice cultivates and balances the flow of energy in the body. The effect is both relaxing and energising - peaceful and inspiring! The movements come from Qigong (“chi-gung”), the ancient holistic health art, which we can say is the ‘mother of Tai Chi’.  Simple therapeutic self-massage techniques are often incorporated to complement the movements.


Qigong focuses on health - helping to prevent illness, and heal existing conditions. Practising Qigong also encourages improved flexibility, mobility, coordination, balance and posture.


Go With Your Flow sessions are suitable for adults in a group of up to 20 indoors, outdoors, or on Zoom.

To experience the benefits of Go With Your Flow group sessions in your social space, residential complex, facility, or workplace, and to discuss a taster session please contact


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