Go With Your Flow sessions can help us feel more confident, relaxed, and better able to deal with the challenges of daily life




In Go With Your Flow sessions Janice shares a powerful self-care practice that balances and nurtures the body and mind.


Participants are guided through a set of flowing physical movements. By coordinating our breath with the gentle rhythm of the movements we begin to experience the body and mind working in harmony. Tension is released and our natural positive energy can flow more freely - increasing our vitality, resilience, and capacity for healing.




Over the past 25 years I’ve developed a deep interest in health and wellbeing. The journey began in Southeast Asia where I first encountered holistic therapies and began to practise meditation - realising the power of the body-mind connection. The ability to calm my mind and find some inner peace has been a great blessing.

Even so, juggling everything life brings can sometimes be overwhelming. I was managing a demanding career in organisational development in the cultural sector while fulfilling family and caring responsibilities. With the additional challenges of mid-life fast approaching I recognised I’d lost sight of my own wellbeing and turned again to the therapeutic interests I’d begun to explore.

Everything fell into place when I discovered the life-changing power and beauty of Qigong. As I built up my personal practice I was amazed to experience a greater sense of inner peace as well as a transformational shift in my confidence and energy! I felt that I’d started to thrive rather than to just survive - and was inspired and ready to help others do the same.

I sought out the internationally recognised and highly experienced teachers at the UK Holistic Tai Chi Qigong Training Academy which led to becoming a qualified Qigong Session Leader. Continuing to learn alongside leading practitioners, I’ve developed my expertise in: body alignment; posture and balance; breath-work; meditation techniques; and energy work.


Empathic by nature and informed by practical experience, I’ve developed a skilled approach to session planning and delivery that responds and adapts to the needs, capacity and aspirations of the groups of people I work with.


My aim is to cultivate a reassuring, respectful and restorative environment that supports Go With Your Flow participants to feel happy and confident, and to gain deep and long-lasting benefits from the powerful self-care practice of Qigong.

Go With Your Flow’s approach is based on the ancient, holistic health art of Qigong. ‘Qi’ (pronounced “chee”) means vital energy or life-force, and ‘gong’ means to develop skill. Qigong is  known as ‘the mother of Tai Chi’, but whereas Tai Chi is primarily a martial art, Qigong is practised for health, wellbeing and longevity. Qigong movements are easier to follow and are accessible for everyone.


Practising Qigong regularly can be integrated into an overall approach to healthcare and rehabilitation - complementing medical treatments and helping with issues associated with common conditions such as: mobility; flexibility; circulation; digestion; menopause; and emotional wellbeing.



Go With Your Flow works with the care sector, with charities, and with any organisation that is seeking to invest in the wellbeing of its people.

Sessions (normally 1-hour) are provided for groups of between 8 and 20 adult participants in an appropriate space indoors or outdoors. They are suitable for all ages and capacity; and movements may be done standing or seated.


The Session Leader travels in and around Edinburgh to where people come together - this may be a community, social, residential or work space. (As an alternative, sessions may take place via Zoom.)

In-depth group workshops, and individual sessions are also available on request.


To book Go With Your Flow sessions in your community, social, residential or work space; and to discuss a taster session and costs, please contact

Qualified Qigong Session Leader

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